Bamboo Tattoos

Bamboo Tattoo Thong Nai Pan, Koh Phangan

Not only is getting a bamboo tattoo a cool and interesting cultural experience, but there are also some real benefits in choosing bamboo over a machine tattoo. So what are some of the differences between a bamboo tattoo and a machine tattoo?

  • Bamboo tattoos are very fast healing. After getting a bamboo tattoo you can go out in the sun the next day and go swimming 24 hours later. You shouldn’t swim after getting a machine tattoo for 5-7 days, which is no fun on holiday.
  • Bamboo tattoos cause less damage to the skin, so there is little blood and the ink can settle into the skin more easily. This results is longer lasting and more vibrant tattoos.
  • Every city in the world has countless machine tattoo shops, why not get something different and unique?
  • Machine tattoos are faster. But do you want to hurry something that will be with you for a lifetime?

Still unsure? You can check out videos of Big doing bamboo tattoos.